Home Storage Solutions for Toys

Kids love toys. The types of toys they like vary depending on their age. At home, it is important to organize the toys and keep a clutter free environment for the kids to play and have fun. But, it is not always an easy task for parents to tidy up the scattered toys each time after they finish playing. To save time and space look for storage items that are cost effective and easy to use. Some households may have a designated playroom for children. Cleaning and storing toys within designated areas is much easier to control messiness.


To avoid the stress, first of all, try to separate the toys into categories. For example, store art and crafts separate from building blocks and Legos. Secondly, store toys in an individual container and label the items. Teach your kids where everything belongs and show them how to put away the toys. Thirdly, don’t have too many toys around, just try rotating toys periodically. I find my daughter gets excited when I give her some old toys which she didn’t play for a while. Culling is a good way to reduce the number of toys in the house. Fourthly, keep regular toys within children’ reach so that they can pick and play whenever then want without your help. Ensure the storage item is safe and at their level of height, some items can be big and hard to reach. Lastly, when you are shopping for storage items for toys, there are number of things you may want to keep in mind before buying. Try getting storage items that are colorful and bright. Usually, kids’ storage items come with beautiful colors. Graphics illustrations on the storage containers, for example picture of favorite animals, will allow children to easily identify the toys. Choosing transparent storage materials also give kids to select only the toys they like to play instead of dumping everything on the floor. Finally, storage items come in various shapes and sizes so select whichever shape and size that fits the storage location at your home.


Toy Organizer

Toy Organizer 

This toy organizer is great for kids who are two and above. The sturdy wooded racks come with colorful plastic bins that are open and easy to carry. This allows kids to see and select the toys of their favor. With 8 small and 4 large bins you can organize the toys according to size and group. For example, blocks in one bin, dolls in other etc. When they want to play with the blocks they can take the whole bin out and put it back. It is safe and easy to use. With this toy organizer children can tidy up and put away the toys themselves. This toy organizer will go well in the playroom or your child’s bedroom. It takes up small space and can hold lot of things. You can purchase this type of toy organizer in different sizes as well.


Book Organizer

Book Organizer


Books come in various shapes and sizes. Having a bookshelf with right size and at children’ eye level will allow them to choose and read a book whenever they want. The books can be displayed front and back. You can keep their favorite books that they read regularly and avoid scattering of books on the floor. The pockets slings can be little big for small sized books but, toddlers find their way to pull it out anyways. It fits in any part of the house because it takes up only a small space. Easy and convenient to use. Kids can easily put the books back. This book organizer is a great storage solution for books.


Bin Toy Organizer

Bin Toy Organizer 

This toy organizer contains nine see through bins with lids. You can sort out the toys and organize them in categories, for example, blocks, puzzles, cars, art materials, Legos, dolls etc. It is sturdy and fits in any room. Kids themselves can do the cleanup and put away the toys where they belong. You can also arrange the toys according to the color and size.


Toy Storage Tote

Toy Storage Tote 

Tote is another storage item for toys. Can easily carry it around the house and keep it temporarily in some corner of the room. Usually, you will toss in the toys that are lying on the floor. Also, it is much easier for kids to take out and put back the toys.


Pop Up Toy Hampers

Pop Up Toy Hampers 

Kids will surely love pop up toy organizers. They are colorful and attractive. These portable pop up toy organizers can be folded down flat after use. The pop up toy organizers are light weighted therefore can be moved around easily. They are best for storing stuffed animals. Each can hold lot of toys and zipper seals off the lid. If you are living in small house or apartment then this is an ideal storage product for toys since it won’t take up too much of space.


Toy Box


If you want to store toys in the living room then this stylish toy box is a good choice. Toy boxes come in different designs and colors so you can choose one that fits well in the living room or your child’s bedroom. Safety comes first therefore consider getting your child a toy box that is made of a soft material and easy to handle. Hard wooden toy box can be harmful. There are chances your child can get hurt by smashing her fingers. Toy box makes great storage item for toys since it can hold large volume of toys. It is cost effective and saves lots of space.

Storage Closets in your Home

Part 1

The closet is the central storage item in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and office. Whether your room is big or small, the closet provides storage for all your necessary items.


The closet in the bedroom can be walk-in closet, reach-in closet or wardrobe cabinets. If you have small closet and want a large storage area then consider reach-in or walk-in closets using wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinet systems. Wardrobe sits usually outside in the bedroom and ideal if you don’t have a closet. Organize the closet according to your needs or what works best for you. For example, you can sort clothes by color, length or purpose. Put away things you don’t need in the closet such as seasonal clothes or clothes that you no longer wear. You can design your own closet. For walk-in master closet, you can have a built-in chest with divided drawers to keep underwears or socks, shelves can be used to store sweaters or shoes, rod to hang clothes and small cabinets to conceal other items. Regardless of the type of closet you have in the bedroom there is always a way to maximize storage space to keep your belongings safe and secured.


Bathroom closets provide storage space for bath essentials such as towels, lotions, soaps, toilet papers etc. Use drawers, baskets, boxes, jars or bins to separately store main items such hygiene products, medications, first aid and cosmetics. For example, keep frequently used items like hair brush, soap, toothpastes visible and within the reach. Organize the bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in sets and keep them in drawers. If you have space, install a wall-mounted closet with open shelves to put bath supplies. You can purchase plastic boxes and put them in drawers to keep lotions, hair accessories etc. Medicine cabinets are useful to store items such as shampoo, razor blades, cream, body wash, contact solution and mouthwash. Bathroom can be clutter free if you could use the storage space efficiently.


Storage in the kitchen closet can become messy if things are not arranged properly. Lot of shelves, drawers and empty space in the closet gives extra storage space in the kitchen. Closets are ideal storage for nonperishable food supplies, unused kitchenware, small appliances and other kitchen accessories. Organize pantry closet according to categories, for example, spices, cereals, bottle foods, pasta, rice.

Storage Solutions for Bed Room

The bedroom needs to be stylish and relaxing. Therefore it is important to plan your bedroom storage with care and detail. The bedroom can become cluttered very easily. Having proper bedroom storage solutions can make life easier. For example, instead of throwing changed clothes over furniture you can have a cloth hamper at a corner to temporally store them. You decide what you really need in your bedroom.

1. Under the bed storage

Maximize your storage option by storing things such as seasonal clothing, sheets, shoes, unused toys etc. under your bed. This is a great storage solution if you lack space in the bed room. If your bed is high enough you can use containers with lids or drawers to store the items underneath it. You may want to sort and store the items that are not used on a regular basis. This way you conceal the items and protect them out of dust or dirt.

2. Bedside tables, Night Stands

If you are short on space in the bedroom, one storage solution is to use bedside tables that have drawers. You can keep alarm clock, night book and night lamp on the top. Drawers can function as storage place for medications you take at night. You may also want to keep in the drawer things like books, magazines and pens.

3. Head board Storage

Headboard serves as an additional storage space for essential items such as books, clock, reading lamps, picture frame etc. Head board can also be used as storage for toys in kid’s bedrooms. Kids can pick and play with their favorite toys right before they go to bed. Choosing a headboard for your bedroom is entirely up to you and the items you want to display. It can vary in shape and sizes. You can select one that is stylish, functional and better storage for your room.

TIP: If you have a small room and want to share two beds consider having a bunk bed. Bunk beds save space and they come with lot of storage compartments.

4. Closet

Closet is an important storage item in the bedroom. Many closets have a rod to hang clothes and a single shelf to stack items. Rest of the closet is usually empty space. Depending on how big the space is available in the closet you can store and organize the clothes, shoes, bags and other items. To maximize storage space a good choice would be to install a custom closet storage kit. The storage kit contains flexible features to store almost all your items in the bedroom, example shoes, boxes, clothes, ties and hats. You will be amazed to see how much space you can save by having a closet kit. Also available are hanging clothes and shoes organizers. These organizers have drawers to store sweaters and small pockets to store unworn shoes. They can be attached to closet rod and they take up no space. If your closet is cluttered and full of clothes, better way to save space is to hang them neatly using hanger cascaders. You can hang clothes about six times the amount in a single rod. Hanger canscaders are great storage solution to save room and to keep closet organized.

5. Jewelry Storage

There are so many different kinds of jewelry organizers. Jewelries are precious regardless of silver or gold. We tend to loose them at times. It is important to look for perfect storage solutions for your earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. Some people like to organize each separately. It is up to the individual the kind of organizer one may want to have in the bedroom. For example, a beautiful jewelry armoire is ideal for a stylish bedroom. It has more than enough space to store almost all your jewelries. It has got compartments to keep each kind of jewelries separately. On the other hand, many like to have a jewelry stand right by the dresser. It is convenient to use. You can hang your favorite earrings or necklaces you wear everyday. Following are some great storage ideas to preserve your treasured jewelries:

Jewelry box
Jewelry armoire
Jewelry storage tray
Jewelry chest
Wall mount jewelry racks
Jewelry stand
Hanging jewelry organizer